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OUR GOAL AT BRANCH LINE PRESS is to create resources to help readers explore the rich and diverse history and assets of our region. We seek to publish unique guides and literate, enjoyable reference books on many aspects of New England history, culture, and natural history. While transportation history has been and will continue to be one of our primary interests, for our Heritage of New England Series we will consider manuscripts on topics as diverse as architecture in New England; the ethnic groups of the region; New England coastal and seafaring history; the White Mountains and the industries there; the history of our colleges and universities or guides to their diverse architecture and public resources; New England natural or historical landmarks; and biographical anthologies of famous people who have lived here. Compendiums or guides to virtually any historical topic will be considered.

For our New England Transportation Series we are seeking manuscripts on traction, streetcars, and related services—such as the amusement parks at the ends of the lines—as well as books on railroads, rivers, and canals. We have long sought to develop a series on New England Natural History for which we will consider manuscripts on geographic features and history, wildlife in New England, and on places to bird, hike, and otherwise explore the nature and natural history of this region.

Branch Line Press is NOT interested in fiction, poetry, biographies of single individuals, personal memoirs, genealogies, travel guides, species identification guides, or topics of limited interest such as histories of a single town, structure, or organization.

We pay competitive royalties and in some cases advances. If you are interested in submitting a proposal to Branch Line Press, please download and read our Authors’ Brochure and/or contact us via email to tell us very briefly about your proposal or to ask us to send you a hard copy of our Authors’ Brochure. Please include your address and telephone number in your note so we may contact you to discuss your idea further if we are interested.

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We Are Seeking New Books on

  • New England History
  • Rail Trails in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, & Maine
  • New England Architecture
  • Natural History & Wildlife in New England
  • New England Electric Railways
  • New England Amusement Parks
  • Ethnic Groups & Indians in New England
  • Rivers & Water Transportation in New England