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Narrow Gauge to Boston

A Nostalgic Window on the Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn Railroad

by Frank Kyper

THERE WAS LITTLE the Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn Railroad in eastern Massachusetts had in common with most of its three-foot narrow-gauge cousins across the United States. Its fleet of diminutive Bogie-type steam locomotives did not struggle up steep mountain grades with short mixed freight and passenger trains. They instead scooted over an eight-mile sea level double-track main line from East Boston to Lynn. Only one leading commodity was ever carried, passengers. On the eve of the Great Depression the BRB&L undertook a costly conversion from steam to electric power, only to meet its demise in 1940. Here then is the unique and fascinating story of traveling by narrow gauge to Boston!

Kyper Narrow Gauge to Boston

10¼" x 9½" paperback, 112 pages, 152 vintage photos and illustrations,$24.95

ISBN 978-0-942035-87-2

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